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Sasonix Medical,  can minimize the initial cost of your dermatology clinic by reparing and selling high quality parts for your laser equipment including technical support, for EU and Middle East customers.

Our technicians are certified and trained to deal with variety of trials in maintenance of your medical laser units.

Laser units repair services (power supply repair – Main board Reaper)We are qualified in replacing most laser components such as Optic, Flash lamps, power supply and other essential parts. 

  • Replacement of laser components (Optics and Flash lamps)
  • Onsite technical assessment and quotation for repair
  • Technical support for Er:YAG, CO2, Ho:YAG, Nd:GLASS, Ruby, Nd:YAG, Alexandrite and other laser systems.

We are also capable of supporting your laser system’s critical consumable parts such as:

  •  IPL Lamps
  •  Laser Flash Lamps
  •  Crystals : Nd:YAG,
  •  Crystals : Alexandrite
  •  Crystals : Ruby ( replacement and repair the crystal )
  •  Crystals : Ho:YAG, Er:YAG
  •  Mirrors
  •  Optics (high quality sapphire)
  •  IPL, filters and optics repair
  •  Cavities repair and repaint
  •  Windows
  •  Fibre replacement and fibre repair
  •  Power Supplies (repair and replacement)

our services

Optical Design Engineering

We are capable to design and develop wide range of optical component, solid state lasers, pumped lasers and other light sensitive devices. We have knowledge of the characteristics and light behaviours and capable to design instruments such as high quality lenses, components and optical sensors measurement systems. These devices include fibre optic communication systems, lasers, and other light sensitive and light emitting equipment and tools that can be applied across a wide range of industries.

Repair & Maintenance

Massive effect of faulty machines in your business is devastating. Sasonix Medical offers the best and cheapest solution for your practice. Our service includes a full rebuild and refurbishment to your machines done by our highly skilled and qualified technicians.

Electronic component and main boards

We carry a full range of Electronic replacement parts for most laser brands like Candela, Cynosure, Syneron, Palomar, Alma , Cutera, Lumenis and Sciton. We can repairs and sell your laser electronic equipment according to manufacturer specifications. We are also available for emergency call and onsite maintenance services.  We can recommend and give you a preventive maintenance service check for your laser equipment, so your business can keep running and generating revenue without any hassle.

our expertise

Imidiate inspection

Our qualified engineers will address the problem of your laser unit in the same day of inspection and guide you to know what the cause of problem is and how they can fix it.

Fast forward service

Every day without tools and necessary equipment means loss of revenue. Sasonix medical engineers will take care of your medical practise and address your problem in days.

Rapid delivery

Rapid Despatch for your purchased parts. We are using Same Day Couriers to dispach our customers goods and this will saves lots of time and money for our customers in long run.

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